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Emily O

Root Haus CBD products have impacted my life in so many ways!

I have suffered with social anxiety my whole life and I find the CBD oil helps immensely ,I have been using the products for over 6 months and can now say that anxiety is something that lives in the past!

I have recently been diagnosed with M.S and I feel that taking CBD helps me stay present and not worry about the future. The oil and balms help with pain and stress and allows me to live a comfortable and positive life. Thank you Roots Haus for improving my life and well being!

Mike T

Two years ago my father passed away since then I have had trouble sleeping and was waking up at the same time every night… this effected my job and personal relationships … Since Root Haus came into my life the CBD oil is by far the best thing I have come across! I now sleep through the night and no longer groggy in the morning and through out the day I am more at peace then I have been in years. Roots Haus was there to answer any and all questions I had and together we found the right dose for me! I am so greatful!

Tina L

I have battled depression and pain attacks most of my adult life, sadly the medication I was prescribed left me feeling empty and numb… Then I discovered Roots Haus! I had heard so much about CBD and all the benefits but was still skeptical as I have had no success with medication and did not get the results I so desired for my day –to- day life. Roots Haus had so many options and ways for me to discover CBD along with their amazing support team I found what works for me! Over the past four months my life has completely turned around I am a better parent, worker and most importantly A BETTER ME!

I can not say enough about Roots Haus and would recommend them over all others.

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